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Table 1 Introduction to the EBM workshop programme

From: Exploring the impact of providing evidence-based medicine training to service users



9.15 Registration and coffee


9.30 Welcome and introductions

Introduction to the concept of EBM

10.00 Formulating a focused question

Focus recent clinical questions using the PICO formula.

10.45 Tea, coffee and networking


11.00 Tracking down the evidence

Use key online resources to locate evidence

Apply PICO to search techniques

12.30 Lunch (and networking)


1.30 Critical appraisal of an RCT

Overview of the critical appraisal purpose and process

Experience of using a critical appraisal tool

3.00 Tea, coffee and networking


3.15 Introduction to systematic reviews and application of evidence paper

Introduction to systematic review process

Experience of critically appraising a review

4.00 Where do I go next?


4.30 Close