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Table 2 Co-applicant mother and baby group profiles

From: Combining PPI with qualitative research to engage ‘harder-to-reach’ populations: service user groups as co-applicants on a platform study for a trial

Group Location; distance from University Setting Average attendance Meetings Purpose and structure Funder Group meetings attended by researcher Total individual participants formally engaged Meetings contributing to formal qualitative data collection (audio recorded)
Group 1 North East Scotland; ~10 minute walk One room within a larger family centre, including a separate crèche room. Sofas, play area adjacent, toys, kitchen area, dining area, unobtrusive site manager in room nearby ~7 mothers (2 mothers left the group and 2 new mothers joined) and their babies, 2 grandmothers – fairly regular group membership Weekly, Wednesdays noon-2 pm (except during school holidays), plus some additional social/fundraising events Set format: the café is facilitated by mothers who make and sell a cheap, healthy lunch costing £2 (subsidised through fundraising) to mothers and babies during the first hour. During the second hour, the babies go into the crèche and the mothers enjoy a coffee and a catch up, or participate in training activities/external speakers Established through a partnership project between Aberdeen City Council, Homestart ( and NHS Grampian. The café crèche is now independent and self-funding n = 11 (+ n = 3 social events) n = 9 Two focus groups (n = 5; n = 5); logic model session (n = 4)
Group 2 North West England; 18 mile drive One room within a larger community centre, with toys, books and soft play facilities and seating for parents. A café is also located in this room for parents to purchase drinks and food 16-20 families (discontinuous participation) Weekly, Fridays 9 am-noon (except during school holidays) Unstructured format. Mother and baby/toddler group in an informal setting where parents can drop in and out to interact with and receive support from Children’s Centre staff members and engage with peers. Children Centre staff member in attendance throughout the session Local government n = 4 n = 12 One focus group (n = 4); individual interviews (n = 2); logic model session (n = 4)