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Table 1 Framework of themes developed from the data

From: Evaluating public involvement in research design and grant development: Using a qualitative document analysis method to analyse an award scheme for researchers

Added value of public involvement Prior to study commencing Validating ideas
   Input in regard to appropriate terminology
   Developing interventions
   Ensuring clarity/user friendliness of written information
   Ensuring appropriate outcomes
   Acceptability of data collection methods/tools
   Alerting to potential ethical/patient safety issues
   Advice regarding research processes such as recruitment/drop out/follow up
  During study Ensuring research conducted with sensitivity/empathy
   Sharing experiences/emphasising value of individual experiences in study
Planning/designing public involvement Prior to study commencing Recruitment to public involvement event
   Format of sessions
   Facilitation skills
  During study Training/support
   Recruitment to study advisory groups
   Contacting members
  After study Feedback to members on outcome/findings
Role of public members Prior to study commencing Proposal development
   Feedback on accessibility of language
  Intended during study Advice
   Public panel
   Project steering group/management panel
   Scrutinise conduct of research
   As patient interviewers
   Involvement in analysis and interpretation
   Review of documentation to be used
   Assist with ethical approval documentation
   Consult regarding any issues regarding recruitment/involvement
   Help with any developing or evolving issues
  Intended after study Assist with dissemination
   Assisting with writing up findings
   Assist with translation into practice
Valuing public member contributions Recognising expertise of members  
  Feeding back  
  Value for public members