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Table 2 Key messages, barriers and benefits of involvement reported by survey respondents

From: Consumer and community involvement in health and medical research: evaluation by online survey of Australian training workshops for researchers

Open-ended question Main theme of response Number of responses
What were the key messages you took away from the workshop about consumer and community participation? Value: Perspectives and priorities of consumers and community members provide value 25
Commitment: Consumers and community members should be involved from the start and at all stages of the research, even if it is challenging 12
Variation: Participation may occur at various stages of the research cycle; forms and levels of participation can vary 12
Social justice: Involving consumers and community members is the right thing to do 10
Quality: Specific benefits to researchers; improvements in the quality of research 10
Relevance: Participation is relevant to consumers, community members and researchers 8
Barriers: Acknowledgement that barriers exist 7
Resources: Resources are available to implement participation 6
Not useful 1
Have you experienced any barriers to involving consumer and community participation in your research? No barriers experienced 24
Resistance: Lack of support for participation from colleagues/organisation 15
Recruitment and retention: Identifying and recruiting consumers; maintaining communication and participation 12
Time: constraints on researchers’ time 10
Resources Financial and other resource constraints 9
Personal: self-imposed barriers 2
Not applicable 7
Yes, but not specified 5
What are the main benefits of implementing consumer and community participation in your research area? Value: Consumer and community perspectives improve research topics and processes 33
Relevance: collaboration is relevant to consumers and community members 23
Translation: impact of results on policy and practice 17
Perspective: Understanding consumers better and listening to community ‘voice’ 12
Measurable benefits: Improved health outcomes 6
No benefit/yet to see benefit 6