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Table 1 Details of commitments of three main PPI groups in the RAPPORT protocol

From: Learning to work together – lessons from a reflective analysis of a research project on public involvement

PPI Role Activity Frequency of Activity (approx. hours)a
1. Co-applicants/ Co-researchers (3) Contribute to research meeting
Training (interviews/data analysis)
Data Analysis meetings
Presenting a INVOLVE conference
Other activities*: research idea/design, data analysis (reading transcripts), commenting on documents, final report, writing dissemination materials, preparation for meetings/conferences.
Every 3 months 11 meetings (each 2–3 h) 2 day conference
17 interviews (each 30–60 mins) plus all related work outlined here
2. Advisory Group Members (6 PPI representatives in total) Reading papers before meeting, commenting during meeting. Every 6 months
3. Patient Groups (reference) (2 - IDD and Cystic Fibrosis) Groups Comment on documentation
Comment on findings
2 meetings
  1. aOther activities such as reading interview transcripts, reading meeting papers, conference preparation were additional hours. Accurate records of hours for all the PPI activities were not kept as part of this project but for example one co-researcher spent approximately 2 h commenting on an interview guide for PPI representatives, 8 versions were drafted for a dissemination article for a magazine, 50 detailed comments were made on the final report and over 19 h were spent writing up themes extracted from the interviews (not including time taken to read the transcripts). The total hours of PPI activity as co-researchers is estimated to be “100 s of hours” over the course of the study. The Table illustrates the three different PPI roles have different expectations and very different time commitments