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Table 2 Description of patient and public attendees, by group

From: Tea, talk and technology: patient and public involvement to improve connected health ‘wearables’ research in dementia



Living with dementia

Memory problems and MCI

Dementia < 65 yrs

No known memory problems > 50 yrs.


5 + 4 carers.

2 + 1 partner.

Approx. 8–12 (inc. some carers)a.



5 women, 4 men.

1 woman (and partner), 1 man.

Men and women.

5 women, 4 men.

Age group

All but one aged >65 years.

All >65 years.

All <65 years.

Mainly mix of 50–60 and 60–70, at least 1 aged 70 + .

Activity format

Workshop at a Salford-based dementia resource centre

1:1 meetings

Activity at a Salford-based weekly drop-in support group meeting

Workshop at The University of Manchester

Invited via

Age UK, a Salford-based dementia resource centre and Open Doors Network.

Ongoing research study recruiting people with memory problems.

Attending a Salford-based weekly support group.

University PPI networks, University admin/support staff, social media.

Number of devices loaned

4 - Fitbit Charge HR, Misfit Speedo Shine and Withings Activité Pop.

2 - Fitbit Charge HR and Garmin Vívofit 2.

0 - one-off activity.

6 - Fitbit Charge HR, MOTO 360, Garmin Vívofit 2, Misfit Speedo Shine, Withings Activité Pop and Withings Pulse Ox.

  1. aThis was a drop in activity, which took place within an open space. Therefore, we can only provide approximations for the numbers and types of people who took part