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Table 2 Terms of reference, roles and responsibilities developed by and for the Young Adult Panel

From: Formation of a type 1 diabetes young adult patient and public involvement panel to develop a health behaviour change intervention: the D1 Now study

The role of the Young Adult Panel (YAP) member is to
• Voice their opinion as a young person living with type 1 diabetes
• Work together with the research team to shape improved health and wellbeing of young people living with type 1 diabetes
Who are we looking for?
• Young adults must : • Have an interest in the health and welfare of all young adults with type 1 diabetes
• Be willing to work as part of a group, to share their opinion when they feel it is important, to listen and respect the views of others
• Be willing to volunteer their time for several hours every 2–3 months
• As much as possible, it is hoped: • That the young adults on the YAP will be from a diversity of gender, ethnicities, geographical locations and lifestyles (e.g. school, college, work, unemployed)
• Young adults’ experiences of type 1 diabetes can inform their opinions: • But the discussions of the Young Adult Panel are general (about attitudes, service design etc.), they are not personal
• The Young Adult Panel is not a peer-support, therapeutic or social group
• Young people do not need public speaking, committee or representative experience/ skills to be part of the Young Adult Panel • Training for the role will be part of their induction into the Young Adult Panel
What’s in it for the YAP member?
 • Gain knowledge of what is involved in health research
 • Experience of working with other young adults with type 1 diabetes, medical staff and researchers to improve our understanding of young adults’ experiences of type 1 diabetes
 • Practice and develop committee and team-work skills