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Table 3 Contributions led by YAP members

From: Formation of a type 1 diabetes young adult patient and public involvement panel to develop a health behaviour change intervention: the D1 Now study

• Development of the topic guides that were used in focus groups and interviews with 3 key stakeholders groups in 3 study sites across Ireland and Northern Ireland; (i) young adults living with T1D, (ii) diabetes healthcare professionals (HCP) and (iii) friends and family members of young adults with T1D.
• Reviewing and interpreting findings from the systematic review conducted by other members of the research team.
• Development of participant materials used during the study, e.g., letters of invitation, consent forms, participant information sheets and recruitment materials.
• Development of 2 discrete choice experiments on clinical preferences and preferences for peer/ social support outside of routine clinic visits.
• Dissemination of findings at national conferences (Table 4).
• On naming of the study (D1 Now) and its logo