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Table 1 How has the Panel made a difference?

From: Service user reflections on the impact of involvement in research

Panel Perspective Researcher Perspective
Enhancing research proposals by providing practical suggestions to improve research design e.g. recruitment, sampling, treatment approaches, and outcome measures. Highlighting the benefits and issues to be addressed e.g. selection bias, data collection tools, information governance issues, and wider involvement of service users.
Identifying potential issues that may not have occurred to the researcher. Roles and training of members of the research team e.g. conducting interviews.
Giving a patient perspective and experience e.g. customising materials to improve recruitment, participant burden, and planned intervention. Adapting methods of data collection e.g. consistency of language, number and length of interviews, and focusing on key outcome measures.
Improving information accessibility for research participants e.g. lay summaries, participant information sheets, consent forms, and recruitment materials. Being inclusive e.g. using more easily understandable language, avoiding acronyms, creating aphasia friendly information to avoid exclusion.
Reinforcing the importance of the research. Prompted us to seek funding following service user feedback.
Providing an effective forum for debate; concentrating on key elements from the patient’s perspective. Reinforced patient engagement and using a co-design methodology.