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Table 1 Participating Community-Based Primary Care Practices

From: How to engage patients in research and quality improvement in community-based primary care settings: protocol for a participatory action research pilot study

Family Medicine Group Superclinic*
Number of family physicians practicing at the clinic 11 28
Other professionals practicing at the clinic 3 clinician nurses 3 clinician nurses
1 social worker 1 social worker
1 clinic coordinator  
Number of enrolled patients 12,000 19,770
Services provided in the CBPCP public family practice care public family practice care
private family practice care private family practice care
physiotherapy urgent care
orthopedic care perinatal care
otolaryngology care musculoskeletal medicine
  1. CBPCP Community-Based Primary Care Practices
  2. *A superclinic (“GMF reseau”) is a type of CBPCP specific to Quebec. It provides walk-in care and offers more admission hours than other CBPCPs