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Table 2 Planned content of meetings co-designed by patient-experts, family physicians and researchers

From: How to engage patients in research and quality improvement in community-based primary care settings: protocol for a participatory action research pilot study

Meeting Time frame Content Description of activities Research project – data collection
1 Week 1 Introductory meeting Short training on health system, QI process and POR Informed consent questionnaires
Definition of rules and functioning of council Audio-recording
Non-participant observation
2 Week 6 Topic identification Brainstorming activities (half group and whole group) Audio-recording
Non participant observation
3 Week 12 Prioritization of topics Analysis according to impact and feasibility Audio-recording
Non-participant observation
Choice of a topic
4 Week 18 Action planning Definition of the question to be addressed based on the chosen topic Audio-recording
Non-participant observation
Analysis of local context, barriers and facilitators to implementing actions
5 Week 24 Action planning Definition of actions to target identified priorities Audio-recording
Non-participant observation
6 Week 30 Wrap-up meeting Perception and experience of participants on the council Questionnaires
Strengths and limitations of the council
  1. POR Patient-oriented research, QI Quality improvement