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Table 2 ECRs’ projections regarding POR’s becoming mainstream

From: Early career researchers’ perspectives and roles in patient-oriented research

Time before POR becomes mainstream Rationales
0 Already mainstream, but for a limited community
1 to 5 years Already mainstream
Unknown and underused approach
Increasingly used and relatively easy to integrate into research if funding is available
Efforts have been made and must continue to be made to make it mainstream
Promising solution for knowledge translation
Time needed for culture and paradigm changes
6 to 10 years Important changes required at multiple levels (micro, meso, and macro), including additional human and financial resources
Evidence needs to be published demonstrating positive results and examples of fruitful POR, but it takes time to get these positive results
Need to wait for the next generation of researchers and government funding
Potential need to integrate POR into curricula/programs and address the issue of professionalization of PPRs
11 to 15 years It takes time to change the culture and paternalistic mentality
Getting past the current hype and becoming mainstream is a long-term process.