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Table 3 Background characteristics of participants (n=13)a

From: Engaging knowledge users in development of the CONSORT-Equity 2017 reporting guideline: a qualitative study using in-depth interviews

Characteristics Frequency
Role in health research
 Funder 1
 Ethicist 1
 Researcher (includes clinician-researchers) 8
 Participant/research collaborator 3
 Publisher/journal editor 2
 Policy/decision maker 2
Years of experience in role
 1-5 years 2
 5-10 years 4
 More than 10 years 7
Type of research design
 Quantitative 2
 Qualitative 3
 Mixed Methods 2
 Systematic Reviews 3
 All 4
Have used (reported or refer to) CONSORT reporting guidelines
 Yes 9
 No 4
Region of current work
 Country of residence 6
 International 7
  1. aParticipants could identify as belonging to more than one category of knowledge user