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Table 2 Benefits of public engagement in health research priority setting with illustrative quotes

From: Stakeholder involvement in health research priority setting in low income countries: the case of Zambia

Reason Quote
Increased chances of identifying research topics relevant to society “…I believe that research should be relevant to the needs of society. Yeah. So those are the main ones, because you do research for them.” [#7]
Increased chances of success “Ensuring that you have incorporated the views of the various important stakeholders. And in this case the key stakeholders are usually the… are usually the people on the ground - the communities, the civil society. And… and if you can engage them in identifying what priorities you should be looking at, then you are successful.” [#9]
To gain an ethical perspective “The community leaders will basically bring in the ethical perspective.” [#3]
To prevent future disagreements “…So public should feel they participate because when you set priorities as government and they come out as a priority, the public starts arguing that no these are not. It distorts your planning. There’s always this tug of war with the people you feel … So they should be involved that’s what I’m saying…”[#2]
Identify topics that respond to community experiences “I think communities, participants need to have a say in research priority setting because they are the ones that experience whatever problems they have so they need to have a say.” [#27]
“So, many of their priorities would actually come from the various experiences they have had, rather than them having read certain things and so on.”[#3]