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Table 1 Workshop schedule

From: Patient and public involvement mobile workshops – convenient involvement for the un-usual suspects

Duration: 30 min
0–10 min – introduction
 • Welcome and thank attendees for joining us.
 • Introduce ourselves, purpose of PPI and aims of workshop.
 • Present infographics.
10–20 min – discussion in small groups
 • Put attendees into small groups to discuss key points.
  ◦ Attendees use post-it notes to record their perspectives.
  ◦ These are added to large infographics in front of them.
 ◦Ask attendees to be forthcoming with their perspectives.
  ◦ If you think of something you don’t think is important, please include it. If you think something may be controversial, please include it. This is the point of the workshops, it’s to gain a broad range or perspectives and identify areas we have overlooked.
20–30 min – group discussion and summary
 • Have a group discussion about each of the areas using post-it notes to guide content.
 • Summarise the issues in bullet points.
 • Ask if they feel anything is missing.
 • Thank everyone for their time and input.
 • Distribute the claim forms, demographic forms and the contact forms.
 • Explain: They will be paid £10 via bank transfer and there is a claim form for them to complete. They can leave their contact details if they wish to receive a summary of workshops directly or if they wish to be kept informed about any future opportunities. If they have any further input, our contact details are in the leaflet. There is a form asking you complete background information. This will be kept completely anonymous and will be used by to ensure we have a broad range of people in workshops.