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Table 1 National Standards for Public Involvement [9, 10]

From: Regional working in the East of England: using the UK National Standards for Public Involvement

Standard 1: Inclusive Opportunities

 We offer public involvement opportunities that are accessible and that reach people and groups according to research needs.

Standard 2: Working Together

 We work together in a way that values all contributions, and that builds and sustains mutually respectful and productive relationships.

Standard 3: Support & Learning

 We offer and promote support and learning that builds confidence and skills for public involvement in research.

Standard 4: Communications

 We use plain language for timely, two way and targeted communications, as part of involvement plans and activities.

Standard 5: Impact

 To drive improvement, we capture and share the difference that public involvement makes to research.

Standard 6: Governance

 We involve the public in our governance and leadership so that our decisions promote and protect the public interest.

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