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Table 2 Main Face to Face Meetings of the PPI Feedback Research Activities

From: Regional working in the East of England: using the UK National Standards for Public Involvement


Purpose of Meeting – Research


PPI Reflections

Meeting 1: July 2016

1. Discussion of data collection and data analysis.

2. Designing a PPI feedback audit/process/form for PPI leads and PPI contributors to complete

8 PPI contributors

5 PPI leads

Paper evaluation form

Meeting 2: November 2016

1. Discussion of findings.

2. Designing a local feedback form (for each PPI organisation)

9 PPI contributors

4 PPI leads

9 researchers

Paper evaluation form

Meeting 3: December 2016

Data analysis meeting – interview transcripts

4 PPI contributors

Oral discussion

Meeting 4: April 2017

Planning meeting for 2nd year of project

6 PPI contributors

4 PPI leads


Meeting 5: July 2017

Meeting to co-design feedback tool or guidance

6 PPI contributors

6 PPI leads

6 researchers, 1 Senior Public Involvement Advisor INVOLVE

Paper evaluation form

Meeting 6: January 2018

Address reviewers Comments on Paper [11]/Plan dissemination event

3 PPI contributors

Oral discussion

Dissemination Event: March 2018

Dissemination of findings to other PPI groups/PPI contributors. Co-presentation.

41 attendees

PPI/Researcher/health professionals

Paper evaluation form