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Table 3 Final Topic Group Research Questions

From: A lung cancer research agenda that reflects the diverse perspectives of community stakeholders: process and outcomes of the SEED method

Cancer Patient and Caregiver Topic Group

1. What are the factors of patients' faith (for example, knowing what happens when you die, feeling of peace or seeing family members again) and knowing family and community are praying for them; and how does this affect lung cancer outcomes? Does it reduce stress and does it change their outlook? (Support Systems/Coping Mechanisms)

2. Does living in a poverty stricken area versus an area of higher standards affect lung cancer? (Social determinants of health)

3. Why is there no help available through the healthcare system to discuss alternative treatments, natural choices, diet and nutrition? (Barriers/Access to care)

4. If society required insurance companies to offer free annual checkups with x-rays would lung cancer be diagnosed earlier? (Barriers/Access to care)

Clinical Care Providers Topic Group

5. If we could affect perceptions of care at local hospitals and providers, would it change outcomes? (Quality of care)

6. Would more assistance navigating the healthcare system improve outcomes? (Quality of care)

7. If we could improve the general health of the population would it affect lung cancer outcomes? (Social determinants of care)

8. If patients knew more about hospice goals and palliative care, would it affect treatment decisions and outcomes? (Barriers/Access to care)

Access Influencers Topic Group

9. If screenings and early detection occur, does MHMHC, Memorial Hospital of Martinsville and Henry County (local hospitals), have the resources and technology to provide efficient and expedited methods to diagnose and stage? (Barriers/Access to care)

10. If healthcare insurance coverage was standardized for diagnosis and treatment of cancer, would lung cancer outcomes become better? (Barriers/Access to care)

11. Would paid FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) legislation for caregivers benefit lung cancer outcomes and how? (Barriers/Access to care)

12. If the Primary Care Physician recommended regular screening, the patient met qualifying guidelines, and the cost was covered, would they have the screening? What are the reasons why not? Would it change the lung cancer outcomes? (Barriers/Access to care)