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Table 5 Examples and definitions of fieldwork tasks that can be used outside the co-creation process

From: Framework, principles and recommendations for utilising participatory methodologies in the co-creation and evaluation of public health interventions

Fieldwork task Definition
Field testing of prototype Provide co-creators with an example of what the final intervention may be like. Allows end-users to use the prototype in their typical real world setting and identify how it could be improved [57] and will inform the implementation of the intervention itself.
Media portrayal of the co-creation purpose Gather printed media images, such as from newspapers and magazines, which convey the purpose of the process [31]. Using visual aids as discussion tools in the following meeting has been identified as an effective tool to enhance the effectiveness of co-creators [92].
Interactions with non-academic stakeholders outside the co-creation group Co-creators informally discussing process topics with non-co-creator stakeholders. Can provide a fresh perspective to the topic and enhance ideas [69] and is an informal form of snowball sampling that may increase the generalisability of findings.