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Table 3 Descriptive Summaries and Illustrative Quotes (process factors)

From: ‘A group of totally awesome people who do stuff’ - a qualitative descriptive study of a children and young people’s patient and public involvement endeavour

Descriptive Summary Illustrative Quote Ppt.
PROCESS (10) practicalities, timing & barriers (10a) “Involving kids is also something, I mean do you involve them in school hours, not in school hours, do you involve them at weekends” S03
(10b) “Weekends are better, I don’t want him to miss school in secondary school, after school would be a bit of a push because of where we live but holidays and weekends” P01
(11) Parental role (11a) “Parents need to be involved in terms of permission to contact them, but that’s probably it I think” S03
(11b) “If you’ve got that child’s mother or father present, they obviously have a greater understanding of their child, say if we explain something in one way that they didn’t quite understand it, the parent might have been able to explain it in a different way that could have got you more of a response” S05
(11c) “The parents do influence the children’s behaviour, I am sure of it, and I think obviously we want pure children’s perception and opinions and it’s difficult to get that if there is a parent, or there is an adult nudging them” S04
(11d) “I think it was good because then it made you comfortable with everyone in the room and then you were comfortable, so then you felt safe because of course your parents were there, then once they were there for the first two it was ok then leaving you for the other ones” C02
(12) Event structure (12a) “If I pushed them to do everything that was on the list, I don’t think that we would have got quite as much quality out of it” S03