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Table 4 co-researchers agreement with terms that represent empowerment

From: Co-producing a shared understanding and definition of empowerment with people with dementia

Terms CR1* CR2 CR3 CR4 CR5 CR6 CR7 CR8 CR9
Being respected X** X X X X   X X X
Being involved   X X X X    X X
Being heard X X X X X   X   
Stigma*   X X X X X X   
Using abilities    X X X    X X
Confidence   X X X X     
Having a voice X     X X X   
Education*    X     X   X
Making choices   X X   X     
Decision making X     X    X  
Participation   X     X    
Partnership*   X        X
Self-determination         X  
Creating change      X     
Active      X     
  1. *CR = Co-researcher (PWD)
  2. **Selected by Co-researcher (PWD)