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Table 1 Framework Analysis Approach with PPI

From: Reflections on qualitative data analysis training for PPI partners and its implementation into practice

Stage Description PPI
1. Transcription of data Audio data is converted to a written transcript None
2. Familiarisation The audio recording is subjected to repeated listening and the transcript repeated reading MK repeated reading of all five transcripts
3. Coding The transcript is read line by line and a code or label is applied by the researcher MK developed codes for 2 transcripts
4. Development of analytical framework Where research team meet to discuss and compare their codes and agree on a framework of codes to be applied to subsequent transcripts MK met with AC and discussed codes and together developed framework
5. Application of framework The working analytical framework is applied to remaining transcripts. New codes/labels are added to the framework which is further refined MK applied framework to the remaining 3 transcripts and reviewed 2 initial transcripts against the framework
6. Charting A summary of the data is produced from which codes are built into themes MK reviewed data summary
7. Interpreting Expand and interpret themes, and develop an analytical understanding MK and AC discussed interpretations and overarching themes.