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Table 1 Festival activities and attendance

From: Evaluating the acceptability of a co-produced and co-delivered mental health public engagement festival: Mental Health Matters, Jakarta, Indonesia

Session Details Attendance Led by
12 November (am)
 Public lecture 4 lectures from Indonesian and UK mental health experts 122 Universitas Indonesia/Ministry of Health, Indonesia, University of Manchester
 Introduction to Komunitas Peduli Skizofrenia Indonesia (KPSI) Learn about the work of KPSI 122 KPSI, Indonesia
12 November (pm)
 Introduction to current research Introduction to two ongoing mental health projects in Indonesia (IGNITE and IIMPETUS) 47 Ministry of Health, Indonesia
 Memory Of My Face film screening and Q&A Film screening of a patient story about the experience of and recovery from mental illness. 47 Health professionals and service user/family cast, Indonesia and film maker (University of Middlesex)
13th November (am)
 Interactive session on bullying Hurt or Help: How to prevent bullying and suicide (sharing stories about bullying and suicide in young people) 32 Into the Light Indonesia, BTS Army Indonesia Amino, BTS Army Help Center
13th November (pm) Invest in Youth Mental Health – Talk show series 30 Pulih at the Peak and Universitas Indonesia
14th November (am) Research prioritisation event 87 Universitas Indonesia/University of Liverpool/University of Manchester
14th November (pm)
 Visual methods Mental health training for journalists 47 University of Middlesex
 Learn about our work Learn about the work of Pulih at the Peak 47 Pulih at the Peak, Indonesia
‘Breaking the Chains’ film screening and Q&A with cast 47 Service users, carers, community members (Indonesia) and film maker (University of Middlesex)
15th November (am)
 Exercise class Sweat Out Your Stress (physical activity and mental health) 51 Into the Light Indonesia, Fit-BID and Manhunt Indonesia, Indonesia.
15th November (pm) Poetry workshop 32 Pulih at the Peak, Indonesia
16th November (am) Talk show event with family members of people who died by suicide 108 Mental Health Association, Indonesia
16th November (pm) Learn about the work of Into the Light 64 Into the Light, Indonesia
Film screening of patient story of experience of and recovery from pasung and Q&A session 64 Service user cast (Indonesia) and film maker (University of Middlesex)
17th November (am) Film Screening Lalui Luka: A daughter’s journey and discussion with panel of service users, carers and professionals 117 Into The Light Indonesia, Faculty of Psychology at the University of Gadjah Mada, SHINee World Indonesia, and suicide loss survivors.
17th November (pm) Digital exhibition of service user art 117 Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Indonesia - Ikatan Perawatan Kesehatan Jiwa Indonesia (IPKJI)
Q&A session with service users and professionals about the experience of mental health 117