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Table 1 Examples of PP per stage

From: Patient participation in research funding: an overview of when, why and how amongst Dutch health funds

Example of PP in stage 1
In focus groups with patients, a list of possible research topics is created. These research topics are presented online to the grassroots constituency of the HF so they can indicate their personal priority preferences. The prioritised research agenda is aligned with research agendas drafted by clinicians and researchers. Only research that falls within the top 5 research topics is funded.
Examples of PP in stage 2
Example I
A letter of recommendation from a patient organisation or other organised patient group needs to be included when submitting the research proposal. A deadline for contacting this patient group is added.
Example II
It is mandatory for the researchers or research institute to contact an organised patient group and ask them to rate their research proposal, before submitting it to the HF. The proposal will be rated on two topics: relevance of the topic and the extent to which they were involved and listened to in preparing the research proposal. The rating results need to be included when submitting the research proposal.
Example of PP in stage 3
Patients meet up to discuss a research proposal, because when reviewing only individually without a discussion, a good formulation of arguments might not be achieved. This may lead to unclear reasoning for the final judgment and decision on the proposal.