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Table 3 Adapted Analysis Framework using 4Pi National Involvement Standards [19]

From: How helpful are Patient and Public Involvement strategic documents - Results of a framework analysis using 4Pi National Involvement Standards

Adapted Analysis Framework using 4Pi National Involvement Standards
4Pi Domain Definition used for analysis Questions to support analysis
Principles • A set of values that inform meaningful involvement 1. Are values identified? e.g. ‘equality and diversity impact assessments inform our strategy’
2. Is there evidence that values influence the strategy?
3. Are principles stated?
Purpose • Makes it explicit why people are involved
• Describes why people are involved
• Provides a rationale/goal for activity
1. Is there a purpose or aim?
2. Are objectives recorded?
Presence • Describes which groups/people need to be involved to shape and achieve the stated purpose 1. Who is the strategy author?
2. Who has influenced the strategy?
3. Are target groups/populations identified?
4. Is information available about key contacts/partners?
Process • Describes how involvement will happen
• Sets out a series of relevant/appropriate methods or steps to achieve aim/objectives
• Indicates opportunity for reflection/learning/evolution over time
1. Are plans described to achieve the purpose or aim?
2. Are there defined, time bound mechanisms to deliver the strategy?
(Who, when, where, how)
3. Are reporting mechanisms in place to provide progress reports to all those involved?
4. Are accountability lines documented up to and including executive level?
Impact • Describes the difference involvement will make (intended/short-medium-long-term) 1. Is there evidence of success/impact criteria?
2. Are there defined mechanisms to assess impact?
3. Are there defined mechanisms for measurement and/or evaluation?