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Table 5 Rating assigned to PPI strategic documents by 4Pi domain and organisation

From: How helpful are Patient and Public Involvement strategic documents - Results of a framework analysis using 4Pi National Involvement Standards

Rating by 4Pi domain and organisation
Group/ID Principles Purpose Presence Process Impact
A1 F F P P P
A2 F P U U P
A3 P P P P P
A4 U F P P U
B5 U P P P U
B6 U F U P U
B7 F F P P P
B8 U U P P U
B9 F F F P F
B10 U U P P U
C11 P F U P F
D12 U F P P U
D13 U F U U U
D14 U P P U P
D15 P P P F P
  1. Group A Acute Care Providers (includes mental health and tertiary trusts)
  2. Group B Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG)
  3. Group C Community Healthcare Providers
  4. Group D Other (includes ambulance, research, and education)
  5. Key: U, Unmet; P, Partially met; F, Fully met