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Fig. 2

From: Use of Photovoice to engage stakeholders in planning for patient-centered outcomes research

Fig. 2

a and b: Anxiety for Marshall C. Legend 2a: This tree is beautiful, and you can see where it is going, until it goes in the dirt. And then you have no idea where it goes after that. And I kind of felt, that’s how my mind works. I like my thoughts, I like the way I think, I like the way I do things, but when I have anxiety, that’s when the roots become that sort of tangled mess and everything is sort of scary, and I don’t know where things are going, but I just have to remember at the end of the day, it still all leads back to the tree, it all leads back to me. I am not my anxiety. It is just something that happens. I looked at that tree, and I felt like things are going to be okay, no matter how bad things get, I am still me, and that is not going to change. “I am not my anxiety”. Legend 2b: I can feel the anxiety quickly creeping up. From my legs all the way to my head. I can feel it quickly restricting me. I can’t move no matter how much I struggle and being so tightly restrained makes me feel even more anxious and I can feel the vines grow tighter and tighter. “Being so tightly restrained makes me feel even more anxious”

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