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Fig. 4 | Research Involvement and Engagement

Fig. 4

From: Use of Photovoice to engage stakeholders in planning for patient-centered outcomes research

Fig. 4

a and b: Anxiety for Andrew B. Legend 4a: The cemetery I am looking at it as a restful place, as it is for the dead, and also a peaceful place, they are resting in peace. And I was thinking to myself that when I have anxiety I like to be at peace, there can be so much going on, all I want is just to close the door and you want to be left alone and you want to be at peace. So that’s why I took the cemetery. “There can be so much going on.”Legend 4b: I started throwing logs that went flowing down the river. It was so beautiful, when I took that picture. My thoughts, my anxieties just floating down the river. Yeah, keeping moving. “Just floating down the river”

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