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Table 4 Contents of each training session

From: Lessons learned from participatory research to enhance client participation in long-term care research: a multiple case study

Training session Content of the session
1 (introductory meeting) Team members introduce themselves by using association cards
Discussing the content, aims and need for the research (i.e. added value of client participation and evaluating the quality of a care relationship)
Sharing motivations for becoming involved
Formulating ground rules for cooperation
Exchanging personal information for getting in contact and paying remunerations
2 Discussing research activities and role preferences
Drawing up the invitation letter for respondents
Modifying the content of the qualitative instruments: open or semi-structured questions
3 Training in individual interviewing techniques
- asking open questions and multiple choice questions
- techniques for encouraging a respondent to tell more
- summarising
Learning to present the research to respondents
Completing an interview
4 Training in group interview techniques (optional)
- asking open questions and multiple choice questions
- learning to deal with group dynamics
Practising observing nonverbal information such as emotions
5 Specific training sessions in applying one qualitative instrument, concerning individual interview and/or group interview techniques.