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Table 2 Overview of PPI sessions for Study 2

From: The impact of active research involvement of young children in the design of a new stereotest

Session numberDateVenueNature of sessionAge rangeNASTEROID version numberIndividual feedback provided?cEngagement rating provided?
424/02/2017Discovery MuseumaDrop-in session2–11270.938YesYes
528/02/2017Centre for LifebDrop-in session1–4270.938YesYes
605/05/2017Newcastle University Medical School FoyerDrop-in sessionAdults140.94YesNo
726/05/2017Newcastle University, Institute of NeuroscienceRegistration requiredAdults80.94YesNo
809/06/2017Centre for LifebDrop-in sessionAdults90.94YesNo
916/06/2017Lit&PhilaDrop-in sessionAdults100.94YesNo
1023/06/2017Newcastle University, Institute of NeuroscienceRegistration requiredAdults100.94YesNo
1130/06/2017Newcastle University, Institute of NeuroscienceRegistration requiredAdults170.94YesNo
  1. aLocal museum with free entrance; bLocal museum with entrance fee; N = number of people involved; cIndividual feedback refers to whether verbal feedback was collected from each child in addition to observations