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Table 3 Prioritization activities and results

From: Comparing three approaches for involving patients in research prioritization: a qualitative study of participant experiences

 Crowd-votingFocus groupsModified Delphi survey
FormatOnline discussion via IdeaScale (secure, Internet-based community platform)Moderated small-group discussion using nominal group technique (NGT)Sequential mailed paper surveys
Participant roleSubmit ideas and vote on ideas onlineGenerate new ideas and consensus through discussionProvide written responses to exchange ideas and information
Type of interactionAsynchronousBalanced, in-person interactiveNone
Staff roleMinimal group moderation to facilitate community involvement, including reminders and updatesActively moderated group discussionsNo direct participant interaction, compiled and mailed summary reports
Time frame (active involvement)6 weeks3 h2 weeks
CompensationUS $25US $100US $50
Number of participants38 of 100 invited39 of 60 invited74 of 90 invited
Top five priorities1. Diagnosis – causesa
2. Treatment – weight control & exercisec
3. Treatment – physical healthb
4. Diagnosis – testsc
5. Treatment – health systema
1. Treatment – health systema
2. Diagnosis – causesa
3. Communication – patient-provider communicationb
4. Treatment – self careb
5. Treatment – physical healthb
1. Treatment – self-careb
2. Communication – patient-provider communicationb
3. Prevention – reduce disabilityc
4. (tied) Treatment – health systema; Diagnosis – causesa
  1. Note: a) found in all three activity groups; b) found in two groups; c) unique to a single group.