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Table 4 Workshop evaluation open-ended responses

From: Citizen and stakeholder led priority setting for long-term care research: identifying research priorities within the Translating Research in Elder Care (TREC) Program

Strengths of the priority setting process
Enough VOICES “voices” - great (Not just one group)
Collaboration process valuable to help us come to consensus
Great to have the mixture of attendees. Really appreciate the focus of the event; good to have an “outside” facilitator
The pre-meeting with VOICES was a great primer for the session.
The facilitator did an excellent job a explaining the priority setting process. The small groups were excellent and I feel like everyone was able to share valid and important information
Good timing, led to sharing of many thoughts, ideas
Very well facilitated and organized. Appreciated the varied perspectives and feedback in determining the priorities
Great sharing of thoughts and different perspectives
It was tough to rank 34 items, it might have been clearer with fewer items
The inclusive nature of the session was very valuable
Great work in getting to a final product. Outside facilitation was especially good since she focused on the task and no vested interest
It was very informative to have the various viewpoints represented at the table
Suggestions for improving the priority setting process
Would have liked to see more direct care people (care managers/admin/RNs) attending the priority setting exercise
When providing a ranking sheet again provide a bit more explanation. Process familiar perhaps to creator, not so much so for rater
I found 2nd grouping instructions lacked clarity … felt longer harder. We felt success with Group 1 then undone for Group 2. Hard to let go.
Please incorporate this methodology more often in TREC, as applicable in determining priorities or where decisions need to be made
Too many options /wording similarities
Sharing of data between TREC and provincial/health authority team
Have 2 days where 1 day rank half then have time that night to think about what to say for top 10
Include some staff is possible (HCAs, LPNs, RNs) as their input would present perspectives that are very valuable