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Table 1 Key Themes and Subthemes Identified at the ROLO Family Advisory Committee Meetings

From: Taking guidance from parents involved in a longitudinal birth cohort – the ROLO family advisory committee

Markers of HealthN/AThe idea of a general blood test in pregnancy that could predict health risks for children in later life was viewed positively
Fussy EatingN/AHigh level of interest in this topic as it can affect meals. It was also suggested to look at differences between siblings when it comes to food-choice and preferences.
Mental Health• Wellbeing & BehaviourIt was felt that body image influenced the high drop-out rates from sport seen among teenage girls. Highlighted the link between body image, social media and sports participation.
• Body Image
• Sports ParticipationParticular interest in the area of wellbeing and behaviour, especially the societal influence of social media and conforming to “norms” for children. Interest in examining if there was a relationship between a woman’s diet and mood during pregnancy and her mental health ten years on.
• Influence of social media
Public Health Nutrition• Dietary AdviceReported a lack of clarity surrounding the need for supplements, vitamin D in particular. Highlighted the need for more information on supplementation for the general public.
• Micronutrient Supplementation
• Healthy Eating Policies in SchoolsPeers can have a strong influence on the foods a child will choose to consume, school-based initiatives such as ‘Food Dudes’ made fruit and vegetables more acceptable in school lunches.
• Making Healthy Food Choices
Parent committee members would like to see a food pyramid aimed specifically at children and younger teenagers.