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Table 3 Recommendations from this research project

From: Patient and public involvement in doctoral research: reflections and experiences of the PPI contributors and researcher

- Plan and allocate resources to undertake PPI
- Identify training opportunities on PPI and offer PPI contributors training opportunities
- Involve PPI contributors as early as possible
- One-size does not fit all, so consider a combination of different approaches to involvement
- Consider different experiential expertise which potential PPI contributors can bring to the table not just their experience of a condition but also other sources of experiences such as prior PPI experience, research participation experience as different experiential knowledge is relevant in different context.
- Building trust and relationship key to maintaining relational dynamics can contribute to continued involvement
- Building trust and links with community group leaders is needed to engage with BAME groups
- Fostering a culture where PPI contributors as critical friends-a valued component of the research process
- Impact of PPI at some stages can be as simple as validating decision-making or findings
- Record all PPI activities during the course of the research cycle
- Careful monitoring to ensure that intended involvement translates to practice