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Table 4 Categories and sub-categories of participants’ experiences of the co-creative collaboration

From: What makes it work? Exploring experiences of patient research partners and researchers involved in a long-term co-creative research collaboration

Reasons for investing in a long-term collaborationNegative experiences of information and care
Desire to improve cancer care
Engaging topics
Chance to get answers to own questions
The form for the collaboration attracted interest
Benefits of participatingParticipation as a kind of therapy
An educational and fun activity
My work feels relevant and meaningful
Improving the researchContributes to making the research project relevant, acceptable and tailored
A more thought-through research process
Indicates quality of the project
Elements of successEngaged and committed participants
Strive towards a common goal
Clear yet accommodating structure
Open and trustworthy atmosphere
Input made a difference
A diverse group
Nice and fun to meet
Good leadership
Challenges and ways to improveGreater diversity of group members
Alternative structure of collaboration to advance progress
Distance to meeting venue as an obstacle