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Table 1 Overview of the co-creation workshops, target groups, aims and outcomes

From: Co-creating a patient and public involvement and engagement ‘how to’ guide for researchers

WorkshopTarget GroupAimsOutcome
1LBG researchersIntroduction of public involvement concepts, benefits and challenges• Researchers expectations in the co-creation process
• Assessment of needs to implement PPIE in their research projects
2LBG researchers &
Co-create principles of meaningful public involvement• Definition of public involvement principles on meaningful interactions between researches and citizens
• Identification of public involvement governance structures in research projects
• Identification of organisational support structures
3LBG researchersExpert talk: Public involvement on an organisational and strategic level• Awareness raising and onboarding of senior researchers
• Highlighting benefits and challenges of public involvement
4LBG researchers & stakeholdersCo-creating monitoring criteria of good public involvement practice• Refinement of public involvement principles
• Monitoring of the quality of public involvement activities
5LBG researchers & stakeholdersConcept of a PPIE Implementation Programme• Funding model for public involvement activities
• Support structures complementing funding
• Evaluation of public involvement activities