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Table 1 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Public and Patient Involvement

From: The development of a scheme of Public & Patient Involvement (PPI) in the Wales Cancer Research Centre (WCRC) and reflections on the process

• Recruitment: advice on recruitment of RPs (emphasising the need for at least two to each trial or study, a model followed in the themes), advertisement, development of role and person specifications and interview questions. Includes templates and flow diagrams to assist with all parts of the process.
• Finance: advice on payment of honoraria and travelling and other expenses, to be made in accordance within the Welsh Government’s and INVOLVE’s schemes.
• Induction, Mentoring and Training: advice on the induction, training and mentoring of RPs, either using Welsh Government’s services or by bespoke arrangements identified at induction or review. Mentoring provided by the Researcher and Lay Leads.