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Table 2 Summary of the content of the briefing document

From: BRIGHTLIGHT researchers as ‘dramaturgs’: creating There is a Light from complex research data

• Summary of the study design and methods in each of the six research projects
• Challenges in involving young people in research:
 ▪ Graphs of recruitment to the cohort [16]
 ▪ Summary of the analysis of screening log data from the cohorta
 ▪ Young people’s perspectives of having access to research [27]
 ▪ Challenges healthcare professionals faced in recruiting to the cohort [30]
• Delivery of information and communication [31]
 ▪ Cohort wave 1 results: not being given time to decide about fertility preservationa
 ▪ Cohort wave 1 results: how young people found out that they had cancera
• Empowering young people gives you information you would not have thought to ask [31]
• The continuing impact of cancer after treatment has ended and young people are living beyond their diagnosis [31]
• The impact of a cancer diagnosis on carers [25]a
• Young people’s reported experience of being treated on an adult, children or TYA specialist cancer ward [31]a
• The environment of care [23]a
• Cohort wave 1 results: the best and worst aspects of carea
• Sexuality and cancer [29]
• The value and importance of the TYA workforce [21]a
  1. ainclusion of unpublished data