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Table 3 An example of text developed in the workshops not included in the final performance

From: BRIGHTLIGHT researchers as ‘dramaturgs’: creating There is a Light from complex research data

There is a light in bright lighted Bertie.
Bright lighted Bertie bulb was happy and bright.
He lit up the room all through the night.
But 1 day Bertie he felt a flicker.
He thought if he ignored it, it would disappear.
Loo Loo knew Bertie wasn’t right.
“When people sit on me, they often have a sh****, sometimes a wee. Bertie please go and see the family GP.”
Bertie thought hard and when it struck 12, he untwisted himself and rolled on to a shelf. He rolled his way down on to the landing where he found the stairs, so grand and disheartening.
Bump, bump, bump went Bertie down the stairs! He finally arrived a little worse for wear.
Bertie brushed it off and arrived at his GP, The family Grill Pan.
“We’ve checked your records and you seem just fine, there is no reason for you to be faulty. Just drink more water.”
Bertie decided to get a second opinion, to another GP this one in the garden.
This GP, The Garden Pot found something the other hadn’t!
“You need to get fixed before it’s too late. I can’t believe it’s gone this long, quick take a left after the gate” said the Pot.
Bertie arrived at a shed, he was nervous, scared and full of dread.
When Bertie entered there was a huge line!
Full of other items ready for repair, there was a sense of urgency in the air.
There was Sue the shoe, Brian the iron and Baz the battery.
This comforted Bertie and he had a good chat.
Brian the iron says, “We are friends that is that”.
After such a long wait, Bertie had his procedure and after that it was about getting better. Bertie had his moments as it was tuff but his friends support was just enough.
“I’m glad you are back Bertie it’s been pitch black in here! When Alison came in, she s*** on me ear!” Said Loo Loo.
Now Bertie shines brighter than ever!
With new friends in mind and getting better, Bertie feels as light as a feather.