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Table 7 Examples of free text comments

From: BRIGHTLIGHT researchers as ‘dramaturgs’: creating There is a Light from complex research data

“I have worked with children and young people with cancer for nearly 30 years and read many dry research reports. This was exciting, meaningful, understandable, I’m sure I will remember the detail for much longer than the hundreds of papers I’ve read before and I will talk about it. Thank you”

“For a play about young people with cancer, unexpectedly life-affirming, warm, vital & real. From strength of responses in post-show, seemed there is a lack of platforms for researchers/medical experts, people affected by cancer to share experiences - thanks for going some way to changing that.”

“Despite having considerable experience (academic, personal, and professional) in respect of cancer I still found the play to be informative, meaningful, at times sad, but overall a positive experience.”

“An excellent performance from some wonderful talented young people. A powerful message, which was delivered with compassion and really understanding from the perspective of the young adult facing cancer.”

“I loved the performance, but I think the fact that is was based on research was a little lost. Maybe I switched off for a second or two but although I thought it was fantastic, I didn’t come away with a strong understanding that it’s base had been research findings (as opposed to anecdotal experiences). As a cervical cancer survivor, I found the show particularly moving, and the girl who played that particular patient did so extremely well, especially exploring the issues of blame and shame around that specific cancer. Very good stuff indeed and I would love to see it in schools/colleges up and down the country. What struck me also was that teenage experience of diagnosis and treatment was not dissimilar to my own, the feelings and emotions were similar in an adult. A huge well done to all involved.”

Free text from FYSOT event

“inspirational and eye opening”

“Brightlight (sic) was amazing! really memorable + relatable felt highly accurate”

“Brightlight (sic) was absolutely incredible! Highlight of my weekend!”

“They were very good, very beneficial and spreading awareness”