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Table 4 Infrastructure challenges and strategies reported by investigators and research partners

From: Researchers, patients, and other stakeholders’ perspectives on challenges to and strategies for engagement

  General Challenge General Strategy Examples of Specific Strategies
Investigators • Needing substantial time and effort to support partners and manage engagement
• Identifying partners with diverse backgrounds and perspectives
• Dedicate staff to manage engagement
• Integrate partner input for scheduling
• Attend to the availability and accessibility of meetings
• Appropriately compensate partners
• Account for staff time needed to support coordination, communication, and capacity building needs
• Adjust meeting dates and intervals to account for partner work schedules and geographic distance from meeting place
• Address partner transportation needs
• Employ a range of meeting and communication strategies (email, telephone, conference call, or video call)
• Accommodate partners’ lack of internet access or other resources
• Be aware that electronic document sharing platforms may not work for all partners
• Compensate for partner document review and meeting time, travel time, and transportation costs
• Help partners navigate institutional systems (e.g., hiring policies, documentation for compensation)
Investigators and partners • Scheduling and logistics related to partners’ competing demands
• Maintaining consistent partner participation
None described None described
Partners None described None described None described