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Table 2 Public Involvement Values and Principles and UK Standards for Public Involvement

From: ‘All hands-on deck’, working together to develop UK standards for public involvement in research

INVOLVE Values and Principles Health Care Research Wales Principles UK Standards
Researchers, research organisations and the public respect one another’s roles and perspectives
Advocating respect, so researchers and the public show mutual respect for each other’s roles and perspectives and all parties are recognised and acknowledged for their contributions Working Together
Researchers, research organisations and the public have access to practical and organisational support to involve and be involved
Supporting public involvement and engagement, ensuring researchers and the public access to the support necessary to enable them to involve and be involved; Support and Learning
Researchers, research organisations and the public are clear and open about the aims and scope of involvement in the research
Promoting transparency in relationships between the public and researchers as well as transparency in Health and Care Research Wales Public Delivery Board decision making; Working Together
Researchers and research organisations actively respond to the input of public members involved in research
Fairness of opportunity
Researchers and research organisations ensure that public involvement in research is open to individuals and communities without discrimination
Encouraging diversity so involvement and engagement occurs with relevant groups with equal opportunity, and inclusivity Inclusive Opportunities
Researchers, research organisations and the public are accountable are accountable for their involvement in research and to people affected by the research
Demonstrating accountability, of Health and Care Research Wales but also researchers to the communities and members of the public they involve and engage in their work Governance
  High quality and meaningful public involvement in both Health and Care Research Wales, and in health and social care research more widely Impact
  Encouraging appropriate public involvement and engagement throughout the research process, from setting research priorities through to dissemination of research Inclusive Opportunities