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Table 3 Feedback from the Young Persons Advisory Group (YPAG) on this manuscript, on the impact of the involvement, and advice for other researchers on how to involve effectively children and young people in research. This feedback was provided at the YPAG meeting following the completion of the manuscript draft and just before submission to the journal

From: “A little (PPI) MAGIC can take you a long way” : involving children and young people in research from inception of a novel medical device to multi-centre clinical trial Roald Dahl, James and the Giant Peach (1961)

Discussion Topic Considerations
Plain English Summary Feedback • Well written
• Really nice to see our involvement written out in a paper – validation of our involvement and that it is respected and taken on board – that it is taken seriously (15 years)
• I don’t think I’ve ever seen our involvement written down like this, it’s amazing to see (15 years)
• Not hard to understand, no challenging words, a good overall summary of the YPAGs involvement. (16 years)
• I can’t believe we’ve been working on the MAGIC Study for 5 years! It doesn’t seem like 5 years! (16 years)
• It’s a very good overview (12 years)
Abstract • Thought the abstract provided a good overview (12 years)
• I liked the abstract and the sub-headings – made it easy to follow (15 years)
How has involvement in the YPAG Impacted you? • CONFIDENCE
• FUN!
Advice for Researchers • Do not be patronizing – the relationship needs to be equal, and built on respecting each other.
• Come to the YPAG with an open mind – if you come to the group without listening and taking our ideas on board there is no point coming – do not attend to just tick a box!
• Need to make sure they do not underestimate the YPAG and what we can do and contribute.
• Take everyone’s point of view on board and not just your own – listen to us!
• Be prepared and expect a large variety of opinions and take these on board.
• Come to the YPAG as early as possible for us to be involved – at concept – and keep coming back.
• My top piece of advice is to keep engaged with the young people. If we are kept in the loop of what’s happening throughout the study, we’ll be thinking about it more regularly- therefore understanding the study much better and giving us more ideas for comments to help improve the study.
• Make it fun and creative. I like the idea of having an agenda so we know what to expect and also keeping us updated with any changes and the progress of their research like the MAGIC study
• Spend as much time in the meetings and come back as much as possible, try not to come just once