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Table 1 Roles of various teams

From: A community-driven and evidence-based approach to developing mental wellness strategies in First Nations: a program protocol

Community Advisory Circle (CAC)Advises and determines how the MWS is conducted within each First Nation community.
Participatory Action Research (PAR) TeamA group of community members who inform and implement the community-specific mental wellness strategy, based on the selected priority area. PAR Teams are largely comprised of community members who have lived experiences in the priority area.
Local Research TeamHired researchers that work with specific First Nations communities, most often members of the First Nations community where the research is taking place. A Field Coordinator is hired in each community and additional Research Assistants are hired to recruit participants, collect, and help analyze data in Phase 1.
CAMH Research TeamHired researchers that are involved in the overall MWS project, across all involved First Nations communities.