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Table 2 Emergent themes identified from the perspectives of community members

From: Exploring the perspectives of community members as research partners in rural and remote areas

RelevanceCommunity• Benefit and value to community
• Collaborative development
• Community ownership and capacity building
Individual• Vested or personal interest
• Opportunity to be involved and make impact for community
CommunicationUse existing networks and create partnerships• Identify local champions
• Partner with existing organizations already doing the work in area of interest
Clarify expectations• Define project, role, and time commitment
• Share progress and findings
• Ensure information is accessible
Identify preferred mechanism• Understand local norms and context
• Provide communication options for participation
Empowering participationBeing valued and appreciated• Acknowledgement and recognition for contribution
• Trust and relationship building
Support• Mentorship and training
• Maintain environment of inclusiveness
• Remove barriers to participation
Application of research• Evidence to support decision making
• A tool to understand options and benefits for healthy living