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Table 2 Unpublished training material subjects

From: Formalising the induction of patient and public involvement contributors on trial oversight committees

Theme/Topic Frequency
Role of a PPI Contributor 11
Explanation of what an oversight committee is 8
Number of meetings to attend 8
Who to contact for more information/support 7
Background to the specific trial under review 6
Key qualities of a PPI Contributor 6
Description of the role of each committee 5
Activity required between meetings 5
Confidentiality 5
Payment/expenses 5
Explanation of what PPI is 4
Non-attendance of meetings 4
Who makes up the membership of the committee 4
Evaluation of involvement (feedback/review) 4
Examples of activity of Contributors may undertake 3
Background to clinical trials 3
What happens at a committee meeting 3
Duration of the committee membership 3
Terms of Reference for the committee 3
Specific training to be completed 3
Trial timeline (from idea conception to results published) 2
Implications of involvement on studies (benefits/tax codes etc.) 2
Location of committee meetings 2
Training predominantly conducted as a face-to-face discussion 2
Importance of Plain English 1
Background to trial design 1
Common challenges to research 1
Developing a proposal 1
Getting your voice heard at meetings 1
Resignation from the committee 1
Safety checks to be completed (e.g. DBS) 1
Application process for committee membership 1
Explanation of what a CTU is 1
Glossary of terms 1