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Table 2 Interviewed PAR team members (N = 12)

From: “A coalition of the willing”: experiences of co-designing an online pain management programme (iSelf-help) for people with persistent pain

PAR team roles Acronyms
Lived experience advisory group PAG 1
Lived experience advisory group PAG 2
Lived experience advisory group PAG 3
Pain clinicians PC 1
Pain clinicians PC 2
Technology expert – Melon Health TE 1
Technology support co-ordinator – Melon Health TEC 2
Māori community partner MCP
Māori lead researcher MCR
Health literacy expert HLE
Health researcher R1
Health researcher R2
  1. PAR Participatory action research, PAG Patient advisory group member, PC Pain clinicians, TEC Tech expert co-ordinator, MCP Māori community partner HLE Health literacy expert, R Research personnel