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Table 3 The NCRI Consumer Forum

From: The value of the patient and public contribution to cancer research UK’s review of covid-19 impact on its clinical research portfolio

The NCRI Consumer Forum fosters a vibrant and collaborative community to work with the NCRI as partners in cancer research. The Forum offers space for mutual learning and exchanging knowledge and expertise in a coordinated way as well as providing a space for peer support. Members of the NCRI Consumer Forum also sit on NCRI Research Groups, subgroups and workstreams, and as such are required to contribute to group activities by attending and actively participating in meetings [5].
NCRI Consumers who sit on Research Groups are recruited in open national competition and receive training for their roles. A crucial part of that role is to assist the NCRI Research Group in understanding the perspectives of patients, carers and the public where relevant to the work of the group [6].