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Table 6 Summary of researchers’ experience with the pediatric parent advisory group

From: Development and evaluation of a parent advisory group to inform a research program for knowledge translation in child health

Item Reflections
Group is a dynamic entity Iterative, ongoing feedback process between researchers and group members
Time commitments Ongoing effort to foster relationship with parents
Needing to ensure that research staff are available to attend evening meetings
Dedicated funding and resources For parents: compensation for time, transportation, parking, child care, food
For staffing: dedicated time (with appropriate skill sets) to set up, facilitate and regularly communicate with group members; conduct regular evaluations involving quantitative and qualitative research methods
Communications Clear, and with follow-up regarding outcomes from each project/activity
Bigger picture Regular communication about where they fit in the larger program objectives
Ethics approval Does that change the conversation with parents, e.g., if they become research subjects
Training What (if any) training should be provided, how often, and should it be repeated regularly. Does training change the member, nature of the group, perspective, and nature of the feedback or input members provide.