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Table 6 Comparison of proportion of respondents who think their health data is currently used for each suggested purpose, compared to the proportion that would be happy for their data to be used in this way

From: Perceptions of anonymised data use and awareness of the NHS data opt-out amongst patients, carers and healthcare staff

  Think is currently used for this reason Would be happy for use for this reason p value
Own healthcare 96.1% 97.7% 0.244
Organising services within the hospital 71.0% 95.1% < 0.005
Projects which improve NHS services 60.2% 95.1% < 0.005
Research by NHS staff 58.1% 93.8% < 0.005
Research by university researchers 30.2% 84.9% < 0.005
Research by drug companies or medical technology companies 23.8% 68.4% < 0.005
Research by companies who do not provide healthcare products or services 13.0% 41.3% < 0.005